April 29th, 2013

2.5-3K suckling pig

4 liters to cover

400ml salt

500ml sugar


Pork Jus


Brined 12 hours.

Let dry 24 hours (like pekin duck). Prior to cooking, rub the cavity with coarse black pepper, garlic and add a few stalks of lemon grass. Insert a 1/9th pan under the Lechon to hold the cavity upÔÇôopen side down. As the lechon cooks the 9th pan will begin to collect juices. This will be your pan sauce at the end.


Then rub (lovingly) with soy. Pour enough sake in to cover the bottom of the pan.


Oven at 115 degress (dry) for 2:10. Covered slightly with aluminum foil. Basting every 30 minutes with Pork Jus (or pan drippings but they will be getting collected in the upside down 9th pan). Then blast it at 180 for 8-10 minutes. Or until the skin has crisped. Careful not to burn.


Alternative cooking times.
121 mixed steam dry for 1:30 has also worked. Vary cooking times based on size of the pig. A well-controlled dry roast will yield best results as there is already quite a bit of moisture.